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From our Lay Leader,

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Lent is a time for self-reflection and deepening one’s relationship with God. For many this season is weeks of giving up something they enjoy. Others will spend extra time in devotions and prayer. If these practices work for you, wonderful. Others may want to find different ways to observe this season. Here are some alternative suggestions.

  1. Write a letter (or two or three) to a friend, near or far away. Tell her/him how much you appreciate them.

  2. Take something you have made or bought to one or two friends who mean a lot to you or who are shut-in – a pie, a plant,  flowers, chocolate! – a small remembrance that has your love in the wrapping.

  3. Make a list of at least ten people for whom you will pray daily. Include friends, family, those listed in our church bulletin each week.

  4. Get to know a book of the Bible well. Read it repeatedly, at least once in a single sitting, meditate on it memorize verses that speak to you.

  5. Write a note of thanks to someone who has done something special for you or for our church.

  6. Make a gratitude list, adding at least three things each day that you are thankful for.

Prayer: O  Lord, may our lives witness to the joy there is in serving you and humankind. Grant us the peace which the world cannot give so that our hearts may serve you faithfully and with joy. Amen

Peace be with you, Julia

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